7 Secrets to Profit From Adversity

7 Secrets to Profit From Adversity

The first of 52 books in the Chasing 2020 saga has been sitting on my bookshelf for about three years now. I’ve finally found the time to open it up and be deeply inspired by a man that persevered despite the odds. Homelessness, substance abuse and numerous health issues didn’t stop him from doing incredible things in life! What’s our excuse?

This motivational self help book was a nice reminder of what there is to be grateful for while being a bit lost in this world. As you can tell from the title, there are seven ways to turn adversity into an asset. Simply starting with letting go of your fears and worries to taking each step towards growth and independence is an emotional journey that had my eyes watering at one point or another. One story about Johnny is especially touching as it shows how even when there is good that we try to accomplish and for whatever reason seem to fail, that a seed may yet still be planted for an unsuspected soul.

On the negative side of the experience of the book, I found that it was a bit all over the place and could(should) have been organized more to understand Joe Roberts walk though in life. Being not too linear with the timeline caused me to jump back and fourth through chapters to recognize if events had already taken place to gain perspective. It also felt like the last couple of chapters were rushed in a way. I felt that given the initial experiences of Joe Roberts that he would have been more eager to share more personal stories with us. Regardless, it’s impressive and inspiring to see someone from the streets turning around to help people on the streets.

I have finally finished this book and now it’s time to move on! So if you would like my copy, just enter your name and email below and I’ll draw a winner in a few weeks! If you’re more interested in getting the book immediately then here is an affiliate link to Amazon! Seven Secrets to Profit From Adversity: Success Against All odds

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